Magic Bags of Words Game Printable


A fun game for everyone to play! No adult supervision needed – but super fun for the adults to play as well. Download the printable word sheets, cut them up and store them in their categories. Each time you play, randomly choose a word from each bag (no looking) and then draw the “story” it makes.

The aim of this game is to get the imagination flying! 

Let the kids get creative on their own, or ask some questions to boost their inventiveness.

For younger kids you can ask questions that help them decide how to visualise the story such as:

  • “How do you show that someone is happy?”
  • “How do you show it’s night time?”
  • “How would you show the movement of the train?”
  • “How can the viewer know that it’s lunchtime?”

For older kids, ask them to develop a backstory with questions such as:

  • How did the vacuum cleaner get on the roof?
  • Why would a banana be sad?


Getting kids to consider all aspects of drawing a complicated story helps them:

    • use art as an expressive tool.
    • create a story with their artworks
    • send a message through art
    • gain confidence and feel powerful because they can be heard through their artwork. This is especially helpful for kids, as they don’t have the refined vocabulary that adults do.
    • As they grow, the knowledge that they will be heard can give them the confidence to take action on original and individual thoughts and ideas.



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