This fun and eco friendly Christmas activity will give you a sprinkle of magic on Christmas eve.

Every year at the studio we make reindeer food in our Christmas Workshops and the kiddies LOVE it. The best part is we use Glitter Girls eco-glitter, so you can sprinkle this all over your lawn ready for the magical reindeer!

This is a super fun Christmas activity that you can do at home with the kids or in big groups with lots of tiny hands!

Something to note: We do use glitter in this recipe, but we only use Glitter Girls’ eco glitter to make sure that it’s safe for sprinkling on the front lawn (and also safe for the magical reindeer bellies) If you choose to use another glitter which isn’t eco-friendly please send home with instructions to place in a bowl by the front door for the reindeers instead of sprinkling on the lawn.

Supplies needed for each student:  

1/2 cup rolled oats
3-5 tspns of Glitter Girls Eco glitter – any colour
1 tspn of Glitter Girls “Disco Nap” (it has twinkly stars in it!)
Leaves of any colour
Paper of all colours
Hundreds and Thousands
Paper cups
A paper bag for storing the food in for each child.
A print out of our reindeer food top card for each child

Supplies to share:

1 love heart hole punch (We use the Fiskars Lever Hole Punch which we got from Officeworks online for AUD$8)
Markers, paints and stickers to make the top card pretty and Christmassy!

Magical Reindeer Food Christmas Activity

Each element of the reindeer food has its own story, and this is the moment when you can make this ordinary collection of ingredients something magical.

Feel free to mix up the quantities, leave something out, or substitute if an ingredient is not available to you!

We usually start with everyone having a paper cup with their rolled oats in them, and then get them to add ingredients one by one while we tell them this story:

THE ROLLED OATS are to help the reindeers stay awake and be strong through the night. Rolled oats can help us in that way too, which is why so many people eat rolled oats for breakfast.

THE STARRY GLITTER is to help the reindeers see in the starry night. Starlight shines from the reindeers eyes when they eat this food!

THE COLOURED GLITTER: The coloured glitter is magic! It’s that little bit of magical dust that falls whenever you see Santa and his reindeers, adding it to our reindeer food gives them extra magic power.

THE LEAVES: Use the loveheart punch to cut out lovehearts in the leaves. The hearts give the reindeer the love they need to keep giving through all the Christmas night, and by making them from different coloured leaves it gives them a nice variety of yummy food to eat. Leaves are from a plant, and plant foods are full of all the minerals and vitamins that living things need to stay healthy!

HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS: This is the dessert part of the reindeer food! They are made from sugar and while the reindeer LOVE to eat them, they should only have a little bit – make sure you put more of the healthy foods in than the hundreds and thousands.

COLOURED PAPER: This is your chance to add a tiny little wish. Remember it has to be super tiny! Cut little bits of paper that are no bigger than your fingerprint (or use a shape punch) and draw as tiny as you can to illustrate the wish you want to send to the reindeer. The wish will be eaten by the reindeer and stay in their heart until they can grant your wish!

Stir all the ingredients together and the reindeer food is done!

Use our printout of the reindeer food top card to make a label for your reindeer food, decorate with stickers, pencils, stamps or whatever you like! Don’t forget to decorate the paper bag as well!

Tip your reindeer food in the paper bag and fold over twice to trap the food inside, staple the top card on and your reindeer food is ready to give as a gift, or keep until Christmas Eve to sprinkle all over the front lawn!

Get your reindeer food top card PDF for your mini artists to colour in here

Check out Glitter Girls Eco Glitter Here