Special Event Workshops for Kids & Adults

Art Workshop Mothers day

Join our special mothers day workshop

Mini-artists and their favourite adult will each create their own decorated teacup from pottery clay. Aunties, grandmothers, big sisters, carers, and any adult that fills the nurturing role for your mini-artist is welcome. 

You’ll be guided through all the steps necessary to hand build your teacup and then experiment with tissue transfers, colourful underglazes and other surface design methods. 

You will also learn the journey your clay will go on to become a functional teacup after you have finished designing it, including leathering, bisque firing, gloss glazing and glaze firing. 

Towards the end of the class adults will be offered a small morning tea, while their mini-artists put together a pamper pack gift bag to present to their special adult as a gift. 

Leave your teacups with us at the studio, so we can fire them and gloss glaze them. Due to the long process involved your teacups will be ready to pick up approximately 8 weeks after the class. 

WHEN: 11th May, 10am-12.30pm

COST: $45 per person