Drop in Classes - Currumbin Studio

Our Saturday morning sessions are perfect for those mini-artists who like to experiment with their own ideas. Each Saturday we will have a different medium available for your mini-artist to make into their own project. One of our artists will be available for any questions or help that your mini-artist may need, and students will have access to all our reference material.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a step by step art class – students will work autonomously on their own projects with guidance from one of our teachers!

Drop ins are welcome for this class, however we have a maximum of 8 seats available at any time, so there may be some waiting period, and students without bookings could miss out. If you would like to guarantee a space for your child please make a booking.

Age Group  This class is suitable for all ages (Children 5 years and under must have parents stay with them)
Times  Saturday 9am-12pm (during term times)
Location  30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Drop in Cost
One hour – $15
Two hours – $25
Three hours – $35

Pre-booked Session Cost – 3 hours $30


Art Techniques Term 4 - Currumbin Studio

Art Techniques classes are aimed at letting kids discover a range of media, tools and techniques. Each term we include as many processes as possible so your mini-artist can experiment and decide what they love the most! 

Materials your mini-artist will get to experiment with during the term may include

  • oil pastel
  • chalk pastel
  • acrylic and watercolour paints
  • watercolour pencils
  • clay (fimo, paper clay, ceramic clay and/or air dry clay)
  • wood, canvas and paper
  • textiles
  • inks
  • masking fluids and other additives
  • graphite, and more

Age Group   see below
Location   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost   $20 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance – Bookings Essential >>


Mon 3:30pm–4:30pm (5-10 years) – Miss Bobby
Mon 3:30pm–4:30pm (10-14 years) – Miss Alissa
Tue 3:30pm–4:30pm (7-12 years) – Miss Carissa
Tue 5:00-6:00pm (8-14 years) – Miss Carissa
Wed 3:30-4:30pm (5-9 years) – Miss Bobby
Wed 3:30pm–4:30pm (8-14 years) – Miss Carissa
Thu 3:45pm–4:45pm (5-9 years) – Miss Fee (Ella)
Thu 3:45pm–4:45pm (8-13 years) – Miss Alissa


Sewing and Textiles Term 4 - Currumbin Studio

DUE TO MISS MILI BEING STUCK IN NSW we are unable to prebook this sewing class. To register your interest please click the book class link below and leave your name on the waiting list. We will contact you as soon as Miss Mili is able to make it back to us!

Sew your own clothes! A mixed adult and teens class in which we will sew at least one piece of clothing each term, and complete a few other little projects. 

  • Learn basic machine sewing and hand sewing skills
  • Learn how to use and modify a pattern.
  • Understand pattern terminology and symbols
  • Understand fabric grain.
  • Experiment with different sewing process including draping, patterns, modifications, and fitting. 
  • Develop insider knowledge of the fashion design industry!

Students will be required to bring approx 3-6m of their own fabric in the second lesson. Students will plan and calculate how much fabric they need in the first session. Fabric can not be stretchy! – Please check with your fabric salesperson to make sure the fabric you are purchasing is woven (not knitted)!

Students will also be required to purchase a pattern, which we will send out the details for upon booking. 

We have sewing machines available for student use, however if you have one at home we recommend you bring your own, so Miss Mili can show your student how to set up their own machine to better equip them for sewing on their own at home! 

Age Group  11 years to adult
Location   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Times Thursdays 5.15 – 6.15 Miss Mili – Bookings Essential>>


Home School Classes Term 4 - Currumbin Studio

A 10 week term of art classes running in line with the QLD visual arts curriculum.

Our 11:30am sessions will focus on gross motor skill and will be full of sculptural, expressive, kinetic and hands on art and craft projects, created specifically for those kids who don’t love just sitting down! We will explore gestural art, art in 3D form, and also free-form abstract/expressive art!

Our 1:30pm session will focus on fine art skills and will be based around painting, drawing and technical skills designed to allow your mini-artist to experiment with a range of media and techniques including graphite, charcoal, acrylic and watercolour paints.

Contact us for entire term lesson plan and applicable curriculum outcomes.

Age Group   see below
Location 30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost   $20 per session paid term in advanced (inc gst) – Bookings Essential >>

Monday 11:30am-12:30pm (Gross Motor Focus), 5-12 years – Miss Bobby
Monday 1:30pm-2:30pm (Fine Arts Focus), 8-14 years – Miss Bobby


Intermediate Portfolio Class for teens Term 4 - Currumbin Studio

Our intermediate project course introduces our students to a more independent way of learning to help transition into senior school or university studies, which rely on a self directed learning rather than instructional classes.

This course will be structured so for the first three sessions of each term students will develop a reference journal of techniques and quick ideas that we can use whilst we plan and conceptualise our final artworks. These techniques will span various media and style eras but will be a working reference for your student rather than finished projects. Session four will be planning and developing materials lists, finalising concepts and beginning our initial outlays of our project. The final six weeks will be independently working on our projects with assistance from our teacher. This course is suitable for students wishing to apply for art excellence, Certificate courses in art, or move into tertiary studies. It will not only develop their creative ability, but also their independent study skills.

Outcomes your student can expect to cover in this course include

  • Watercolour, acrylic, brush and sketching techniques, journaled for future reference
  • Concept sketching and applying notations
  • Proportioning of human, animal and inanimate subjects, shading in response to a determined light source
  • Planning artworks, developing materials lists and citing references
  • Sending a message through visual arts
  • Creative independence and time management skills

Age Group   13yrs +
Location   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost   $20 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance – Bookings Essential >>

Monday 5-6pm – Miss Alissa


Sculpture Class for Kids Term 4 - Currumbin Studio


kids art classes Gold Coast Our sculpting class will allow mini-artists to experiment with a range of sculpting materials from term to term including ceramic clay, wax clay, wire, plaster, air dry clay, marshmallow clay, fimo and recycled materials.

Outcomes your student can expect to cover each term are

  • How to sculpt using a range of media
  • How to design and create a 3D artwork
  • The processes involved in using different media such as timeframes, suitability of different materials for different projects
  • Identifying works belonging to famous sculptors throughout history
  • Sending a message through art
  • Identifying the difference between process art and project driven art

Age Group  7 -13 yrs
30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost   $22 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance – Bookings Essential >>
Times   Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm – Miss Fee (10 week course)
              Saturday 10.30-11.30am – Miss Fee (10 week course)


Intermediate Painting Class Term 4 - Currumbin Studio

kids art workshopOur intermediate painting class is designed for students who prefer paint over any other medium.
In each term students will have an opportunity to

  • Experiment with watercolour techniques
  • Experiment with acrylic painting techniques
  • Use and develop knowledge about solvents, mediums and other additives you can use to create effects with paint
  • Experiment with painting on different substrates including canvas, fabric, paper, card, and wood
  • Identify works belonging to famous painters throughout history
  • Understand the concept of sending a message through art
  • Develop an understanding of the elements and principles of art and design, and how they are related to the composition of an artwork

Age Group  9 – 14yrs
   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost   $20 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance – Bookings Essential >>
Times  Monday 5 – 6pm – Miss Bobby


Preschool Classes Term 4 – Currumbin Studio

Classes aimed at preschoolers to discover colours and shapes and experiment with mess, paints, and glue. Our preschool artist will take mini-artists through activities aimed at developing fine motor skills and practicing active imagination.

Single session, fortnightly bookings, or full term bookings available. 
How to book: 
Click the link below and choose how many kids you want to book
Use the Calendar to choose your date. (click the big pink arrow if you just want a single class at this stage)
If you would like a fortnightly or full term booking click “repeat”
Choose how often you would like to repeat your booking (every 1 week or every 2 weeks) 
Choose how many times you would like to repeat your booking (full term is 10 weeks!)

Age Group   This Class is suitable for ages 3-8 years
Location 30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost  $20 per session – Bookings Essential>>
Times  Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30 am – Miss Jane


Street Art Term 4 - Currumbin Studio

Mini-artists will work on canvas, board, watercolour paper or skateboard, creating colourful artworks in a graffiti street art style and looking at cartooning techniques. Working with watercolours, acrylic, sprays posca markers and stencilling techniques.

  • Knowledge of graffiti art painting and drawing style 
  • Experimenting with different media and substrates
  • Cartooning techniques for graffiti artists
  • Experimenting with sprays for the 5pm class (over 8 years only)
  • Focus on permissions and legality of street art

Location   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost   $20 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance – Bookings Essential >>

Friday 3:30pm-4:30pm – Painting and Cartooning Focus, 7-12 years (Gilly After Dark)
Friday 5:00-6:00pm – Painting and Spray Art Focus, 10-15 years (Gilly After Dark)


Cartooning, Drawing & Manga Classes Term 4 – Currumbin Studio

Tuesday 5:00pm Cartooning Classes – These classes are designed to introduce mini-artists to a broad range of cartooning techniques, including manga, chiibi, kawaii, ghibli, traditional cartooning, and illustration techniques. Each week will focus on a different concept, analysing the differences and similarities between the different styles of drawing. Working on line weight and quality, and developing drawing techniques that will help your mini-artist start drawing confidently on their own! 

Saturday 2:00pm Manga Classes  – With a focus on sketching, full body proportioning, facial expressions and creating movement in drawings, mini-artists will develop their sketching skills with Manga style techniques and various drawing exercises. Classes will be limited to 8 students per session to allow GillyAfterDark to give each student one on one attention so your mini-artist will get the most out of their session.

Thursday 5:00pm and Saturday 12:30pm advanced drawing skills classes are designed for students who have already developed their core skills in drawing and want to improve their technical drawing skills. The term includes activities designed to improve hand eye co-ordination, confidence, muscle memory and skills in perspective, proportioning, humans and animal figures, details such as hands, feet etc. and action poses.  As this class is a very highly skilled class we do have a selection criteria.

Age Group   see below
Location   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost  $16 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance

Saturday 12:30pm-1:30pm (Advanced Drawing), 8-15 years – GillyAfterDark – Bookings Essential >>
Saturday 2:00pm-3:00pm (Manga), 8-15 years – GillyAfterDark – Bookings Essential >>
Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm (Cartooning, Manga, Chiibii, Kawaii, Ghibli), 8-15 years –Miss Fee (Ella) – Bookings Essential >>
Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm (Advanced Drawing), 8-15 years -Miss Fee (Ella) – Bookings Essential >>



Expression Session with our Holistic Art therapist TERM 4– Currumbin Studio

In this 8 week term, Miss Romy will guide your mini-artist through a series of multimedia artworks using acrylics, watercolours, collage and canvas. Aimed at children 8 years and over, parents can also join this class to develop a working knowledge of how to use art as a tool for calming and self expression. 

Either drop your mini-artist and leave them with us, or stay and play!

Students will use a variety of tools including paint brushes, pallete knives, fingers and many other “around the house” objects to create abstract artworks that reflect their feelings, as well as developing their knowledge of colour, shape and line, and how these elements can be used to create “moods” in their artwork. 

 **Please note these classes are for children or parents who join with their children, if you are looking for an adult class without children please check out our thursday 6.45 adults class!**


Age Group   8 years plus (Parents welcome to stay, please purchase your own ticket)
Location   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
Cost  $15 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance

Wednesday 5-6pm – Bookings Essential >>


Contact me for more information about birthday parties, therapeutic art sessions and mobile art classes for groups.

***Please read our payment terms and conditions for term classes as these have changed***