Our intermediate project course introduces our students to a more independent way of learning to help transition into senior school or university studies, which rely on a self directed learning rather than instructional classes.

This course will be structured so for the first three sessions of each term students will develop a reference journal of techniques and quick ideas that we can use whilst we plan and conceptualise our final artworks. These techniques will span various media and style eras but will be a working reference for your student rather than finished projects. Session four will be planning and developing materials lists, finalising concepts and beginning our initial outlays of our project. The final six weeks will be independently working on our projects with assistance from our teacher. This course is suitable for students wishing to apply for art excellence, Certificate courses in art, or move into tertiary studies. It will not only develop their creative ability, but also their independent study skills.

Outcomes your student can expect to cover in this course include

  • Watercolour, acrylic, brush and sketching techniques, journaled for future reference
  • Concept sketching and applying notations
  • Proportioning of human, animal and inanimate subjects, shading in response to a determined light source
  • Planning artworks, developing materials lists and citing references
  • Sending a message through visual arts
  • Creative independence and time management skills

Age Group   13yrs +
Cost   $18.70 (inc gst) per class paid full term in advance – bookings essential
Times Monday 5-6pm
Teacher Miss Alissa (more about the teacher here)