Thanks to our new studio being so easily accessible for every one we’ve decided to open up on Saturday mornings so you can come and have a sticky beak! Our Saturday morning sessions are a drop in style class with no actual direction – so your mini-artist can let their imagination fly and create whatever project their creative little heart desires.

Each day we will have a different medium available for your mini-artist to play with – it may be acrylic paints, watercolour paints, paint markers, collage materials, glass/ceramic painting or craft materials. In addition there will always be sketching materials, coloured pencils and access to all our reference materials available every morning.

What’s super cool about this class is that no one needs to follow set orders. If your mini-artist wants to create a burger dancing in a pink tutu wearing a mohawk they can (yes that’s been done before in our class while the rest of us were painting the sea), if they want to create themselves a vision board, or a card for Nanna, or just paint their own hands and smear it all over a canvas… they can!

Sessions will be $10 for an hour, and include a 30×40 canvas, larger canvasses are available for a few extra dollars. If you’d like something a little more structured you can purchase an art pack from our little front store and one of our artists can help your child with the project while you have a coffee next door!

The amazing Bella, will be available every Saturday for any questions or help your mini-artist needs with their creations, and I will be there personally for many of the sessions as well!

For those who already know Bella, you’ll know she is an amazing cartoonist and the kids LOVE her. For those who haven’t met Bella yet, come along one Saturday morning and get to know her!

Can’t wait to see what our mini-artists create once they are given full access to their imagination!!!