friendly monsters

Imagination, Friendly Monsters and Creativity

We love monsters at the studio, and we’ve hosted numerous workshops focused on creating them. Over the past nine years, as champions of creativity, we’ve often been asked by parents why we introduce our students to monsters within the safe confines of our studio. After all, monsters are typically associated with fear and trepidation. So, we’d like to shed some light on our passion for all things monstrous!

As we all know, imagination knows no bounds; it allows us to conjure anything we desire. Our imagination draws from the seeds of our everyday experiences, shaping stories that form our perceptions. For instance, when someone gazes upon a roller coaster, their past encounters might conjure thoughts of a malfunctioning ride, leading to a story like, “This roller coaster could malfunction while I’m on it, and I could get hurt.” This narrative then shapes their perception of roller coasters as dangerous.

At our studio, we firmly believe in empowering children to understand that they have control over their perceptions. They get to choose how they perceive the world around them. By offering multiple alternate stories about the same things, we grant them the ability to select the narratives that make them feel confident, safe, and empowered.

Monsters are often seen as creatures of fear. However, by dismissing their existence or avoiding conversations about them, we miss the opportunity to help children construct alternate stories. Stories about friendly monsters.

Furthermore, monsters are frequently associated with the mysterious and the unknown. Embracing friendly monsters can help children become more at ease with uncertainty and unfamiliar situations. It encourages them to approach the unknown with curiosity rather than fear.

craft monster

Finally, no one truly knows what a monster should look like. Therefore, when it comes to art projects involving monsters, there are no rules to follow. No one can dictate that your monster doesn’t resemble a monster! This type of project is fantastic for kids, helping them break free from the constraints of perfectionism and allowing them to express their creativity uninhibitedly. This aspect is one of our absolute favourites when it comes to monster projects – it’s a realm where students can unleash their creativity without any boundaries!

Our studio cherishes monsters not as harbingers of fear, but as tools for children’s growth and empowerment. Through imaginative play with these friendly monsters, we equip children with the ability to control their perceptions, enabling them to choose narratives that foster security and confidence. Monsters also serve as guides into the realm of the unknown, encouraging children to embrace curiosity instead of succumbing to fear in the face of uncertainty. Our monster projects break free from the confines of rules and perfectionism, allowing kids to explore boundless creativity. In a world where imagination reigns supreme, monsters become not just friends but also companions on a journey of self-expression, learning, and artistic discovery.



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