This week will mark the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my studio opening it’s doors on a mission to nurture the oddball creative genius that lurks inside so many of us. From picnics under tables, to arty boot camp, from inventing new ways to use watercolours, to developing whole new worlds inside our minds, the mini-artists who have graced the studio with their imaginations so far have made my world shine!

Each mini-artist has a unique way of looking at life and art. I’ve watched so many mini-artists developing their own style over the last couple of years, taking the skills they learn in class and creating masterpieces that rival anything they have ever created before.

This term we will be concentrating on our relationships with others and our own selves. We will be exploring how to hold our own whilst still being a valuable collaborator on team project. Our team work project will involve all students, across every class, contributing their own little piece of individuality to a tiny clay world, a world where their quirkiness will be celebrated and their personal style loved as an important part of something bigger  – a mash up of styles from all skill levels, and many different pools of imagination.

I’m trying my best to imagine what this world will look like… but your mini-artists surprise me so often I can’t even begin to guess what they will create.

Amongst all of this we will be playing with clay, acrylics, watercolours, pencils, paper and Christmas ideas. I’ll introduce the mini-artists to the odd artform of quilling, and experiment with many of the same media that mini-artists are already becoming familiar with in the studio.


So here’s to a whole new term of unicorns, making friends with monsters, working together and sending the occasional child home blue (or rainbow coloured, or painted like a lizard), here’s to opening the studio to new ideas, and turning every task into an opportunity to think outside the box or paint outside the lines.

I can’t wait!

Painting without paper.

Students experimenting with painting on things other than paper in our Wednesday Expression Session.