Elanora Makers Space Sessions Tuesday (3-4pm) Term 1, 2020



Michaela will take your mini-artists through a range of projects using a broad range of mediums, processes and tools including watercolour, clay, sketching, colour pencil and collage.

Where: Elanora State School Makers Space
Who: Elanora State School students only
Cost: $198 for 9 weeks (inc GST)
Time: 3.00pm-4.00pm (straight after school finishes)
Dates: Tuesdays starting week 2, 4th February, 2020

A bit about Michaela:

With a Bachelors of Fine Arts graduate from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, with the future intent of achieving a Masters degree in Art Therapy, Michaela has had 3 years experience working with children in Canada.

She teaches her own form of art which relies heavily on imagination, self expression and using art as a form of communication. She shows how line and colour can “speak” when our words can’t, and encourages her students to communicate through their artwork

Michaela believes that the use of visual communication has the ability for each of us to better understand ourselves and each other and that empowering children to own their creative license is one of the most important things we can build in them so that they can grow into strong expressive adults.

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Rules and Conditions (The boring necessary stuff!)

Students are responsible for getting themselves to the Makers Space and we do not take any responsibility for students until they enter the Makers Space at 3.pm. Once they have entered the Makers Space and up until 4.30pm, we will not let them leave until unless they are in the care of a parent or guardian, or unless you have organised with us prior. (this means if you want them to meet you at the front gate, you must let us know!)

Our teacher will be leaving the school premises at 4.30, any children who are still in the Makers Space at 4.30 will be asked to wait outside the Makers Space front doors – not the front gates. If you happen to be running late one day and are worried about your child wandering off, please contact us and we can arrange for our teacher to stay until you get there, however if it becomes a regular occurrence (more than twice in a term) child minding fees will apply.

**School Rules State that children are not allowed to play on the playground after school hours. We will not monitor this outside of the above mentioned times. If the school finds any children breaking the rules this will be the parents responsibility. Please discuss these rules with your child prior to coming to class.**

Once you have paid your fees we will send you an enrolment form with our terms and conditions. Please read and sign and email back, or bring back on the first day of class. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please let us know within 7 days of receiving them and we will refund your class fees and cancel your booking.

As per our terms and conditions, if your child is unable to take direction and act in a safe manner in the Makers Space it will be our duty of care to cancel your enrolment for the rest of the term. In this event, we are unable to offer a refund but can transfer your fees to another child if you wish.

Contact Alissa on 0400 382 617 if you need any further clarification on our terms and conditions.