Kindness Game Printable


What you get in this download:

  • kindness game instructions
  • printable kindness cards (print as many as you’d like!
  • suggestion card for kind things you can do to offload your cards.



  1. Distribute kindness cards evenly amongst players. If there are not enough make some of your own! Feel free to photocopy, or even design/colour in your own version of our kindness cards.
  2. Decide on a prize – maybe the winner can be the King or Queen for the day. Perhaps they will get an hour free time to read, or draw or do anything they want. Perhaps everyone else can make a meal for the winner!
  3. Set a time limit. It can be any amount of time you choose – days, weeks, a month (make sure it’s not too long that you’ll forget!)
  4. Each player tries to do kind things for another player – every time you do something kind give your kindness card to the recipient of your kindness. If you have received an act of kindness from someone you will gain a kindness card. When you perform an act of kindness for another player you will be minus a card.
  5. The person with the least kindness cards at the end of the agreed timeframe is the winner! There may be more than one winner.
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