Expressive Art Workshop 23rd June, 1-4pm – (10-15yrs)


DATE: 23rd June, 2019
TIME: 1-4pm
PLACE: Artlis Studios, 30 Currumbin Creek Road.
COST: $35
AGES: 10-15 years

In this three hour intuitive art workshop with Michaela, students will be creating a painting without the use of brushes. We will be discussing the works of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko and how their alternative approaches to a traditional medium are an excellent mode of self expression.The goal of this workshop is to get teens to connect with their more abstract emotions and feelings, a place from where great art originates. We will be exploring the ways we can show emotion through colour and texture, line and mark making, to help build self awareness and visual communication skills. Learning to work intuitively provides young artists with a solid base to expand from in any art form, professionally or personally, as it helps to create a strong sense of self and identity as an art maker.

This workshop would be a great fit for students looking to push their artwork further, young people who are interested in pursuing a creative career path, or teens who are interested in using art as a way to express themselves and make connections with other creative minds.

We will use watercolours, acrylics and watercolour paper (final pieces on canvas), along with a variety of tools to enhance creativity!

Please bring pencils (coloured and sketching), visual art diary (or sketchbook) and a canvas approx 50x60cm.

Air conditioned studio, yummy coffee right next door for parents to enjoy while your artist is getting creative!

** we have limited numbers for this workshop!

With a Bachelors of Fine Arts graduate from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada with the future intent of achieving a Masters degree in Art Therapy, Michaela has had 3 years experience working with children, teaching her own form of art which relies heavily on imagination, self expression and using art as a form of communication.

She believes that the use of visual communication has the ability for each of us to better understand ourselves and each other and empowering children to own their creative license is one of the most important things we can teach them so that they can grow into strong expressive adults.

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