ONLINE DRAWING CLASS. Term 3, 6 week course. SATURDAYS 11am-12pm (15TH AUG – 19TH SEPT)


Mini-artists will develop their sketching skills and explore a range of different drawing styles including realism, manga, cartooning and gestural drawing. Students will also develop knowledge of line weight, paper choices, and drawing media and tools.

Suitable for kids aged 7-12yrs at an intermediate drawing level. If you are uncertain that this class is appropriate for your mini-artists please feel free to contact us at


  • 2H, HB, 2B and 6B drawing pencils  See how to choose a pencil here!
  • Plenty of standard printer paper, or a visual art diary with lots of pages available (something you don’t mind making mistakes in!)
  • Eraser and sharpener
  • Highlighters
  • A fineliner or ballpoint black pen.


  • Access to a laptop or computer with microphone and webcam enabled OR a smart phone or tablet with Zoom downloaded.
  • Your class link (we will send it out to you!)
  • Internet/WIFI access.

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-Our teachers are in control of who joins our online class as we share our sessions with a private link, and ONLY students who have joined the class will have access to the recordings for the week after.
-All students joining will be minors only – we will not allow adults to join this class.
-If you would prefer your child’s webcam to be turned off for the workshop, so no other student can see their face, they are still able to chat with us through the chat bar and if they want feedback on their work they can send a photo of their artwork with any questions after the session to for your teacher to respond to.
– If you have any privacy concerns please feel free to call us on 0400 382617 and we can see if we can come up with a solution.



    • Week 1: Grid Technique Drawing
      Grid transfer techniques, shading and gradients. Understanding pencil weight. Observational skills.
    • Week 2: Realistic Drawing
      Using shadow and light to create a realistic feel to your drawing. Understanding depth in drawing.
    • Week 3: Body Language in Human Drawings
      Drawing Human figures. How to consider body language to compliment text. Using stick figures to create different gestural movements. How to fill out stick figures into believable drawings
    • Week 4: Kawaii/Chibi and Manga style drawings.
      Understanding how real life drawing relates to cartooning. Understanding emphasis on physical characteristics.
    • Week 5: Gestural Drawings.
      Quick sketch drawings, poses and action stances.
    • Week 6: Superhero Drawings.
      Action poses, costumes and capes. Analysing differences in traditional format superhero characters vs realistic format superhero characters.