PORTFOLIO/PROJECT CLASS. Term 2, 10 week course. Tuesdays 5-6pm (21st April-23rd June)


This course introduces our students to a more independent way of learning to help transition into senior school or university studies, which rely on a self directed learning rather than instructional classes.
Our project and portfolio class will be based around developing advanced skills in watercolour, acrylic and drawing. Students will work through a variety of exercises to increase their skills and create their own reference folio of techniques. 
Students will develop the skills and knowledge to create their own portfolio, adjusted to their own goals, with personal guidance from Alissa.

We will also explore the elements and principles of design, and use them to create our own artwork that sends a message!

Outcomes your student can expect to cover in this course include:
  • Watercolour, acrylic, brush and sketching techniques, journaled for future reference
  • Concept sketching and applying notations.
  • Proportioning of human, animal and inanimate subjects, shading in response to a determined light source
  • Planning artworks, developing materials lists and citing references.
  • Sending a message through visual arts
  • Creative independence and time management skills.


Supplies can be sourced individually online at www.artshedonline.com.au, or we can supply you with a full art pack for $40. See More details.

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-Our teachers are in control of who joins our online class as we share our sessions with a private link, and ONLY students who have joined the class will have access to the recordings for the week after.
-All students joining will be minors only – we will not allow adults to join this class.
-If you would prefer your child’s webcam to be turned off for the workshop, so no other student can see their face, they are still able to chat with us through the chat bar and if they want feedback on their work they can send a photo of their artwork with any questions after the session to info@artlis.com.au for your teacher to respond to.
– If you have any privacy concerns please feel free to call us on 0400 382617 and we can see if we can come up with a solution.

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