Founder & Head Teacher

Alissa is the founder of Artlis Studios and has been teaching homeschool groups, after school groups and private art lessons under the Artlis banner since 2012.

She is a mixed media artist, with a Diploma in Arts and Cert IV in Training and Assessing. She sells her own artwork and teaches mini-artists in groups and on a one on one basis. Industry trained in technical drawing and drafting but with extensive experience in working with a variety of art mediums on canvas and paper.

Alissa believes that many concepts in art emulate what we understand about life and emotional development and with the right approach, art can heal and support a happy self through creative expression. She loves to draw, loves to paint, and loves teaching her own two children and others how to tap into the ability to use art as a tool for understanding themselves and the world around them.

Relevant Training: Blue Card Holder, Diploma in Arts, Current First Aid, Cert IV Training and Assessing, Private training with a range of art teachers from various backgrounds over the past 25 years, counselling for non counsellors course, grief education program, extensive training with previous employers in disability and social services.

Art Teacher & Street Artist

Gilly After Dark is a local artist who’s street art style is stamped all over the Gold Coast as cafe murals, street stickers and individual pieces for homes and galleries. A self taught artist with a background in the printing industry, and influenced heavily by the 90s cartoons and modern street art, Gilly creates his artworks primarily with paint markers, acrylics, water colours and spray paint.

Being a passionate artist he brings many different influences and techniques together to create his signature form. Gilly brings his edgy skate art approach to Artlis Team, to give us a peek into a world where process art, cartooning, and technical illustration blend together to give our mini-artists all the ingredients they need to develop their own unique style.


Preschool Teacher &
 Fairy Dust Distributer

Janes life was covered in fairy dust from the beginning. To this day she is still a child at heart. Her love of creativity started when she started dancing at 6 years, and her teaching days started in primary school where she choreographed dance concerts with her fellow students. She spent her school days performing, creating or teaching others how to do what she was so passionate about. With a Diploma of Arts from The Dance Factory, Richmond, VIC she spent years performing in live shows and teaching dance to all ages.

With the arrival of her daughter, Tilly, Fairy Jane pursued a Cert III education support so she could inject some of her passion for creative arts and dance into her daughters generation (who now dreams of being a grown up artist one day!) As a pair they are always covered in glitter, paint or dress ups and spreading a little fairy magic wherever they are!

Jane specialises in creating a safe and engaging space for our youngest artists, through storytelling, song and using her dance background to add movement to her art projects.

Art Teacher and Artist

Bobby has been teaching expressive arts to kids of all ages for over 10 years. She has a passion for art projects that raise self awareness and confidence and believes that through creative expression children can build self-esteem, self-worth and resilience.

Bobby is queen of the 6B pencil and has been drawing portraits for as long as she can remember, but loves to paint as well. Her main goal as a teacher is to keep the passion for creativity alive in kids as they grow up!

Her studies in fine arts, emotional intelligence and positive parenting have led her to develop a number of art-based self development programs for teens and adults. As a teacher at Artlis Studios and also the co-founder of her own program, Sketch Marks (a life changing self development course for women) Bobby loves that she has the opportunity to guide children and adults alike through their creative journeys, to find their own form of confidence, self love and expression.

Art Teacher/Assistant

Our cartooning extraordinaire, Bella, started as a student with Artlis Studios 2 years ago where we discovered her amazing talent for cartooning. Now she is ready to share her talents with the world this young artist assists our teachers with events, runs her own cartooning workshops through the school holidays and is available for arty birthday parties on weekends. Stay tuned! Her artwork will soon be available to purchase as prints and cards.

Art Teacher/ Photographer

Originally from Sydney Jade moved to the wonderful Gold Coast 13 years ago, the natural beauty inspired her to begin creating art for the first time since she was a teenager. After many years working with both Children and Adults with Disabilities Jade decided to follow her heART and enrolled in a bachelor of Art and Design at Southern Cross university. Jade is currently in her 3rd year of the degree, majoring in Print Making, Digital Art and Photography.

She also has a passion for painting with all mediums as well as mixed media collage. And plans to do a Masters in Education when she finishes her BA. Jade is not only a teacher and student but a practicing artist who has exhibited in two shows in 2018 already. She loves working with children and young people, and is passionate about helping mini artists pursue their passion for the arts.