Vision Board Workshop


Vision Board Workshop VB001
A vision board is where you store the dreams you have for your future, so you can see them every day, a visual reminder of what you most want from the world. Being able to see them every day helps you plan small goals that point towards your dreams.
Our vision board workshops are designed to help you create a board that will encourage you to visualise your dreams daily! But vision boards needn't be just bunch of pictures stuck on a cork board! We believe if your vision of life is beautiful and full of colour, then your vision board should be too!
We will teach you how to create an evolving vision board, starting with liquid acrylic, ink and watercolour painting. Creating a vision board is fun, messy and powerful and a perfect way for beginners to experiment with different mediums.
Vision board workshops include all materials you will need including paints, inks, scrapbooking papers, and a broad range of materials to collage with, on your own canvas.

- A canvas approx 60x70cm in size.
- Any small pictures or words that can be added to your vision board (you may not use all of them)
- Colour chips from a paint store, or magazine or fabric samples that reflect colours you love
- Your workbook with answers
- Anything that you find in the weeks leading up to your workshop that draw your attention - some things that have been used are: advertising materials, fabric, photos, guitar strings, pendants, jewellery, doilies, labels from jars, Christmas decorations, store receipts, dried flowers, book pages, candle wax
- if you have any old magazines that you wouldn't mind people cutting up, bring them along too... the more options the better!

- Paints, mediums, glues, additives, inks
- Magazines for extra pictures you may want to cut out
- Fabrics, glitter, gemstones, glues, sharpies, oil pastels, scrapbooking paper, stickers.

We will concentrate on making your canvas beautiful and full of YOUness so you can love looking at your goals every day.
DATE: 26th April
TIME: 5-8pm
COST: $70 per person
AGES: Adult. (teenagers are welcome if they are accompanying an adult)
VISION BOARD WORKBOOKS WILL BE SENT OUT ON CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING. Your vision board workbook has been designed to help you pre plan your vision board workshop.

Feel free to email Alissa on if you have any questions.

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