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Creative Confidence Group Sessions – Currumbin Studio


art therapy Age Group   This Class is suitable for ages 8-12
Location   30 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin, Gold Coast
Cost   $22 per class ($18 if booking and paying term in advance)

Thursday 5-6
Starting Term 3


We are now offering Creative Confidence Sessions with Bobby-Leah!

Our Creative Confidence Sessions are aimed students aged 8-12 years, and will concentrate on developing confidence, identity and self worth through exploring and celebrating our unique creativity. Students will experiment with a range of media and we will lead them through activities designed to:

– make them feel more powerful when making their own decisions based on what is right for them and to avoid peer pressure

– develop thought strategies to create a positive, supportive inner voice, rather than a negative one

– encourage students to develop a positive mindset through practising gratitude and goal setting activities.

– discover how to use art as a tool to calm, de-stress or express themselves.

– help students identify their emotional support networks and how to use them

– Develop technical knowledge of art media, techniques and art processes

– help students discover creative career options.

– develop their own unique art style and use it to create artworks that reflect their individuality.

These sessions
are open to all 8-12 year olds, regardless of skill level and we regularly offer scholarships for kids who would benefit from these kind of activities but may not be able to access them financially.

Whilst we plan activities for each session we would like to keep the studio an open space for our creative teens and allow them to express themselves in the way that feels best to them.

If you would like to know more about these classes, or to find out if art therapy could be beneficial to your teen, contact us here.

 Art Therapy Sessions – Currumbin Studio

We are super excited to welcome our beautiful Art Therapist, Mindy!

art therapy Mindy will be conducting one on one art therapy sessions, concentrating on helping children and teens rediscover their creative passion and how to use their creativity as tools for developing a healthy and positive mindset.

Contact us on 0400 382 617 to discuss your options with us!




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